• Hair protein is essential for hair growth because it makes up 91% of our hair structure. Pro-Hair series are formulated with our protein essence and is designed for optimal hair strength and performance. Get the essential Protein from our Pro-Hair series for healthy scalp & hair, and hair fall control.

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  • 2-Step Hair Care Regimen

    The Pro-Hair series promotes optimal scalp balance, resulting in a healthy scalp and hair simply by following a 2-step hair care regimen with Pro-Hair Essence and Shampoo.

    Step 1:
    Pro-Hair Shampoo

    Cleanses the scalp and hair gently while retaining the scalp's natural oil balance.

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  • Step 2: Pro-Hair Essence
    Hair or scalp troubles that cause discomfort such as itching, oiliness, hair thinning, hair loss, dandruff need scalp care and repair.

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Healthy & Stronger Hair

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Vital Essential Protein helps build a healthy scalp to accelerate hair regrowth using Hydrolysis technology to extract smaller molecules of Hydrolyzed protein for better absorption.